Friday, 1 April 2016

Blessings 171-181

I'm back!
Sorry that I've been missing in blogging for so long. I never get half of what I want done completed, so thanks for all your patience! The bright side is that now I have a lot of blessings to catch up on!

Blessing 171-one of my friends is getting married this weekend! K.C., I wish you the very best with J.! Also, could you readers please keep K.C. in mind? She is having surgery this month for a benign brain tumour. While your at it, you could also pray for her friends and family who will be concerned about her. :)

Blessing 172-Improvement at piano. I've been trying to get in two hours of practice a day. Sometimes I reach my goals, sometimes I don't. But the great thing is that I'm improving quickly, which is good with music festival and my exam coming up!

Blessing 173-Spring. Spring is coming, folks! Of course, Good Friday saw people coming to our church's hymn sing through ice and rain; Easter Monday was stormy; there is still snow on the ground...but it is coming! Just a comment-those of you more to the south, your talk about daffodils and garden planning is funny to those of us closer to the North Pole. ;P Seriously? We don't have seedlings, we have snowballs!

Blessing 174-Self defense videos. Yesterday I was watching some self defense videos on YouTube for women. They gave some helpful tips. After taking a class in BJJ and watching these videos, I feel more confident that I won't be an easy target for the bad guys. Girls, I definitely recommend looking up some classes in Brazilian Jui-Jitsu (a leverage-based, self defense martial art) or women's self defense. I will never regret having this knowledge, but if I didn't there is very well a chance that I would have regrets someday.

Blessing 175-Friends. Nothing brighten my days up so much as getting a card, letter, message, or e-mail from a dear friend. Some make me laugh, some make me smile, some make me pray, but I'm grateful for them all. Thanks, friends!

Blessing 176-Looking forward to camp. I'm working at camp again this year, and I've been busy planning ahead! I'm SO EXCITED!!!!!! Please pray for the ministry there!

Blessing 177-Whale web cams. After watching a video on whales and listening to the Solitudes cd "Journey with the Whales" (which I recommend looking up on YouTube. It is so haunting! It was well done. Very unique. You likely will not forget it.), it was natural that I look up a live web cam of whales. has lots of web cams (from pandas to sharks to puppies and donkeys!), and they have several of whales. I've seen whales in the highlights, but I don't think that I've spotted one yet on the live cams. Check them out! At least I love hearing the ocean, and they have speakers to catch those aquatic wonders' voices! So fun! You can also take pictures from the web cam and share!

Blessing 178-Answered prayer. This past week my family and church has been praying for Zion, the little boy of some missionaries that my dad keeps in contact with. Little Zion has UTI, Denghe fever, and typhoid-and he's about six years old. The doctors had pretty much given up. But God answers prayer, and it is so wonderful to see a miracle unfold across the world! The doctors say that Zion will probably be able to get out of ICU in a day or two! Please pray for Zion and his family. He still has a battle ahead, but he is improving!

Blessing 179-The Last Ride, by Susan K. Marlow. Seriously, if you haven't read this book, get your hands on it as soon as possible. I got the free e-book in an offer on Monday (sorry if you didn't get it then-you missed out!) and read it within a few hours. It was great! It has gone to my mental list of favourite books. I can't wait to get the real book-e-books are nice, but I really need this one in paper and page format! You NEED to read it!

Blessing 180-Getting my closet organized. So I love organizing. I have already got a packing list for camp prepared on my laptop. It is organized into sections under headings. Those headings are alphabetized. The items in each category are alphabetized. But in really life, my room looks VERY un-organized most of the time. So that is why I am happy with my arrangement of my closet that I did over March break. So far, I've even been keeping it pretty tidy!

Thanks for reading, folks! I'm hoping to do some guest posts soon, where I'll ask people to share  their top ten blessings! If you're interested in sharing your blessings, please let me know!

God bless you!
Indi Raine, Blest beyond Measure

P.S.  Another blessing.
Blessing 181-I love this verse. You need to read it! John 13:1. Wow! God's love.


  1. Thanks for sharing your blessings, Indi!! :)

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